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I realized that if I was going to go sleepless night after sleepless night burning the midnight oil, I would rather be working towards my own creative passions and endeavors than serving as support for the director's and brands I was working alongside as a producer. 

So as of August 2nd, 2017, I stopped producing. I booked a ticket to Montana. Went to Yellowstone, drove to Washington, visited the San Juans and flew to New Mexico to explore the state by car.


I returned to New York at the end of August and began to figure out what was next. 

These are the two things I know: I know I like to make things and I know that I love finding the absurdity in life. The peculiar, the funny, the spontaneous, the moments that make you shake your head and chuckle. The ones that sometimes only a glance to a friend that was there can suffice.

I have a degree in Visual Arts from Bowdoin College. My medium throughout college was photography and mixed media collage. 

Today, I make photographs, I build websites, I do graphic design, I produce commercial films, I pursue art.  

There are a lot of things that keep me challenged and that make me happy. I've never been able to choose one, so I continue to engage with them all. Sometimes it's a bit confusing because I don't particularly check one box or the other - sometimes I check multiple. 

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